Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1960's Vintage TRIFARI Braceletkitschy jewelry, Shiny Goldtone and RHINESTONES Braceletkitschy jewelry, 60s Crown TRIFARI Designer Jewelry



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This link braceletbracelet link braceletwas link braceletmade link braceletin link braceletthe link bracelet1960's link braceletby link braceletTrifari link braceletin link braceleta link braceletscroll link braceletdesign link braceletwith link braceletrhinestones link braceletin link braceleta link braceletshiny link braceletgold-tone link braceletmetal. link braceletIt link braceletis link braceletsigned link braceleton link braceletthe link braceletback link braceletto link braceletindicate link braceletits link braceletdesigner link braceletwith link braceletthe link braceletTrifari link braceletcrown link braceletlogo link braceletand link braceleta link braceletcopyright link braceletsymbol. link braceletThis link braceletmark link braceletwas link braceletpost link bracelet1955. link braceletThe link braceletclasp link braceletis link bracelettight link braceletand link braceletsecure link braceletand link braceletthe link braceletcondition link braceletis link braceletperfect! link braceletThe link braceletbracelet link braceletmeasures link bracelet7 link bracelet1/4" link braceletx link bracelet5/6". link braceletA link braceletlovely link braceletdesign!

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