Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Our ringBeatrice ringhand ringchain ringfeatures ring14K ringgold-filled ringchain ringfor ringan ringeffortless, ringcool ringstyle. ringHandcrafted ringin ringChicago, ringIL ringUSA. ringBracelet ringlength ringmeasures ring7", ringmiddle ringpart ringmeasures ring3.25". ringLobster ringclasp ringclosure. ringOne ringsize ringfits ringmost. ringWe're ringhappy ringto ringmake ringthem ringfit ringyour ringhand, ringemail ringus ringto ringget ringa ringcustomized ringsize: ringiannecijewelrydesign ring[!at] ringKeep ringjewelry ringaway ringfrom ringwater ringand ringchemicals; ringremove ringduring ringphysical ringactivities, ringstore ringflat ringin ringa ringsoft ringpouch ringor ringjewelry ringbox. ringUse ringmicro-fiber ringjewelry ringcloth ringto ringshine ringup ringyour ringjewelry.This ringis ringan ringIanneci ringoriginal ringdesign ringand ringis ringcopyright ringprotected. ring©2019 ringIanneci ringJewelry.

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