Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nature, Bat Family Halloween Necklace- Spoooooky



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Handmade octoberbrass octoberor octobersterling octobersilver octoberbats octoberlayered octoberto octoberbe octoberflying octoberaround octoberyour octobercollarbone. octoberStandard octoberlength octobershown octoberon octobermodels octobersize october4-10. octoberIf octoberyou octoberwould octoberlike octobera octoberloonger octoberlength octoberplease octoberlet octoberus octoberknow octoberin octoberthe octobercomments octoberwhile octoberchecking octoberout. octoberNecklace octobershould octoberhang octoberon octobercollarbone octoberso octoberbats octobersit octoberproperly, octobernot octobermeant octoberto octoberbe octobera octoberlong octobernecklace.Happy octoberHalloween!!

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