Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turtle, CELTIC Hand Crafted Solid Aluminum Bracelet with Shamrocks - Turtle - Triquetra's & Arrows on ends 6in x 1/4in #AB- 008



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This celticis celtica celticHAND celticCRAFTED celticALUMINUM celticCUFF celticBRACELET. celticIt celticis celtica celtic6" celticLONG celtic1/4" celticWIDE celticcuff. celtic celticThe celticSolid celticALUMINUM celticBracelet celticis celticHAND celticSTAMPED celticwith celticSHAMROCKS, celticTURTLE celtic& celticTRIQUETRA'S celticAND celticARROWS celticON celticTHE celticENDS. celtic celticIt celticwill celticfit celtica celticWomens celtic-Large celticor celtica celticMan's celticMEDIUM celticWrist. celticThe celticPictures celticshould celticrepresent celticthe celticsize celticand celticopening. celticEACH celticPURCHASE celticIS celticFOR celticONE celtic(1) celticOF celticTHE celticCUFFS celticLISTED. celtic celtic celticThe celticBracelet celticHas celticMany celticdifferant celtic celticStamps celticand celticshould celticstand celticout celticwell celticwith celticthe celticDEEP celticsymbols. celticIt celtichas celticbeen celticpolished. celticTHE celticCUFF celticHAS celticBEEN celticHARDENED celticWITH celticA celticTUMBLER celtic& celticSTAINLESS celticSHOT. celticAny celticQuestions celticPlease celticE-MAIL celticme. celtic celtic#AB-008

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