Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement necklace, Sierra forest woven charms necklace



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This forestlong forestforest-themed forestnecklace forestis forestdark forestgreen forestand forestbrown forestwith forestCzech forestpressed forestglass forest\u201cPine forestneedles\u201d forestand forestgold forestpewter forestpinecones forestwoven forestonto forestcharms forestwith forestseed forestbeads forestusing forestneedle forestand forestthread. forestThere forestare forest19 forestindividual forestcharms foresteach forestassembled forestonto foresta forestwood forestand forestSwarovski forestCrystal forestbead forestnecklace forestusing forestantiqued forestbrass forestfindings, forestsigned forestby forestDesiigner forestJulia forestLee. forest21 forestinches.

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