Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

aluminum, Sorm Clouds & Rain #AB- 013 or Geometric Patterns #AB-014 or AB-015 Choice of One (1) Hand Crafted Solid Aluminum Bracelets 6in x 1/4in



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This bohois bohoa bohoHAND bohoCRAFTED bohoALUMINUM bohoCUFF bohoBRACELET. bohoIt bohois bohoa boho6" bohoLONG boho1/4" bohoWIDE bohocuff. boho bohoThe bohoSolid bohoALUMINUM bohoBracelet bohois bohoHAND bohoSTAMPED bohowith:#AB-013 bohoSTORM bohoCLOUDS boho& bohoHEAVY bohoRAIN bohoor#AB-014 bohoSTAMPED bohoWITH bohoA bohoGEOMETRIC bohoPATTERN bohoor boho#AB-015 bohoSTAMPED bohoWITH bohoANOTHER bohoGEOMETRIC bohoPATTERN boho bohoIt bohowill bohofit bohoa bohoWomens boho-Large bohoor bohoa bohoMan's bohoMEDIUM bohoWrist. bohoThe bohoPictures bohoshould bohorepresent bohothe bohosize bohoand bohoopening. bohoEACH bohoPURCHASE bohoIS bohoFOR bohoONE boho(1) bohoOF bohoTHE bohoCUFFS bohoLISTED.ANY bohoQUESTIONS bohoOR bohoCONCERNS bohoE-MAIL bohoME bohoTHRU bohoETSY

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