Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fine necklace with Biwa cultured pearls in light yellow champagne and bronze seed beads - 42-47bronze,5 cm



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Rocailles bronzenecklace bronzewith bronzeelongated bronzebiwa bronzebeads bronzein bronzea bronzebeautiful bronzelight bronzeyellow bronzechampagne bronzeshade bronzeand bronzeshiny bronzebronze bronzepearl.The bronzeBiwa bronzebeads bronzeare bronzemax. bronze20.5 bronzemm bronzelong. bronzeThere bronzeare bronzea bronzetotal bronzeof bronze15 bronzepieces bronzeon bronzethe bronzenecklace.Mounted bronzeon bronzebronze bronzejewelry bronzewire bronzeand bronzeprovided bronzewith bronzecarabiner bronzeclasp bronzeand bronzeextension bronzechain. bronzeThis bronzemakes bronzethe bronzechain bronzeadjustable bronzefrom bronzeapprox. bronze42 bronzeto bronze47.5 bronzecmShipping bronzeis bronzenicely bronzepackaged.

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