Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage jewelry, Celestial necklace #6



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This boho jewelrynecklace boho jewelryis boho jewelryabsolutely boho jewelryperfection boho jewelryfor boho jewelryspring! boho jewelryBrass boho jewelrydrops boho jewelryare boho jewelryhand boho jewelrystamped boho jewelrywith boho jewelrymini boho jewelrystars boho jewelryand boho jewelrydots boho jewelrythen boho jewelryhammered boho jewelryaround boho jewelrythe boho jewelryedges. boho jewelryVintage boho jewelrytin boho jewelryis boho jewelryin boho jewelrya boho jewelryhalf boho jewelrymoon boho jewelryshape boho jewelryand boho jewelrynecklace boho jewelrymeasures boho jewelry32 boho jewelryinches boho jewelryin boho jewelrylength. boho jewelryMini boho jewelryturquoise boho jewelrybeads boho jewelryare boho jewelrysprinkled boho jewelryclose boho jewelryto boho jewelrythe boho jewelrypendant. boho jewelryThanks boho jewelryfor boho jewelrylooking!!

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