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Gem: silver pendantLAPIS silver pendantLAZULISILVER silver pendantPENDANTNATURAL silver pendantSTONES92.5 silver pendantsilver silver pendantpendant silver pendantconsisting silver pendantof silver pendanta silver pendantnatural silver pendantlapis silver pendantlazuli silver pendantstone.Ethnic silver pendantjewelry, silver pendantsymbolizing silver pendantspring silver pendantwith silver pendantits silver pendantsmall silver pendantsilver silver pendantleaf, silver pendantconsisting silver pendantof silver pendanta silver pendantrectangular silver pendantblue silver pendantstone silver pendantcalled silver pendantLapis silver pendantlazuli.Length: silver pendant3.5 silver pendantcm silver pendantwith silver pendantthe silver pendantbeakerWidth: silver pendant1 silver pendantcmWeight: silver pendant6.64gShantilight\u00a0

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