Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sweet Lampwork Teddy Bead Charmsterling silver, Sterling Silver Lobster Clip on Claspsterling silver, SRAsterling silver, Cute Teddy Charmsterling silver, Handmade in Sweden



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I tiny teddyhave tiny teddya tiny teddypassion tiny teddyfor tiny teddyglass tiny teddyin tiny teddyall tiny teddyit\u00b4s tiny teddyforms tiny teddyand tiny teddywork tiny teddyboth tiny teddywith tiny teddylampwork, tiny teddyfused tiny teddyand tiny teddyblown tiny teddyglass. tiny teddyThese tiny teddycute tiny teddyteddy tiny teddybear tiny teddycharm tiny teddyis tiny teddypart tiny teddyof tiny teddymy tiny teddylampwork tiny teddybead tiny teddyrange tiny teddymade tiny teddyby tiny teddyme tiny teddyin tiny teddymy tiny teddylittle tiny teddylampworking tiny teddystudio tiny teddyin tiny teddythe tiny teddyforest tiny teddyof tiny teddySweden. tiny teddyThe tiny teddylittle tiny teddyteddy tiny teddybead tiny teddywas tiny teddyshaped tiny teddycompletely tiny teddyfor tiny teddyhand, tiny teddywhich tiny teddymakes tiny teddyevery tiny teddybead tiny teddyunique tiny teddyand tiny teddyslightly tiny teddydifferent tiny teddyfrom tiny teddythe tiny teddyother. tiny teddyThe tiny teddyteddy tiny teddywas tiny teddymade tiny teddyfrom tiny teddytransparent tiny teddydark tiny teddyamber tiny teddyand tiny teddyivory tiny teddyglass tiny teddywith tiny teddya tiny teddyblack tiny teddynose tiny teddyand tiny teddyeyes. tiny teddyThe tiny teddycharm tiny teddywas tiny teddymade tiny teddywith tiny teddysterling tiny teddysilver tiny teddyfindings tiny teddyand tiny teddyfastens tiny teddywith tiny teddya tiny teddy10 tiny teddymm tiny teddy/ tiny teddy0,4 tiny teddyinches tiny teddySterling tiny teddysilver tiny teddylobster tiny teddyclip tiny teddyon tiny teddyclasp tiny teddyand tiny teddywill tiny teddyfit tiny teddyan tiny teddyopen tiny teddylink tiny teddycharm tiny teddybracelet, tiny teddya tiny teddynecklace tiny teddyor tiny teddyyou tiny teddycan tiny teddyattach tiny teddyit tiny teddyto tiny teddya tiny teddybag tiny teddyor tiny teddya tiny teddyzip tiny teddyfastener. tiny teddyDimensions tiny teddyof tiny teddythe tiny teddyglass tiny teddyteddy tiny teddybead:Height: tiny teddy15mm tiny teddy/ tiny teddy0,6inchWidth: tiny teddy15mm tiny teddy0,6 tiny teddyinchThe tiny teddywhole tiny teddycharm tiny teddymeasures tiny teddyapproximately tiny teddy30 tiny teddymm tiny teddy/ tiny teddy1,8 tiny teddyinch. tiny teddyAll tiny teddyof tiny teddymy tiny teddybeads tiny teddyare tiny teddymade tiny teddywith tiny teddylove tiny teddyand tiny teddycare tiny teddyand tiny teddyproperly tiny teddykiln tiny teddyannealed tiny teddydirectly tiny teddyfrom tiny teddythe tiny teddyflame tiny teddyfor tiny teddystrength tiny teddyand tiny teddydurability. tiny teddyThanks tiny teddyfor tiny teddylooking!Marianne tiny teddy:0)

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