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Portugal pastel metallicJewelry, pastel metallicPortuguese pastel metallicCork pastel metallicCuff, pastel metallicHANDMADE pastel metallicCork pastel metallic& pastel metallicBrass pastel metallicCuff pastel metallicBracelet, pastel metallicVegan pastel metallicCuff, pastel metallicBrass pastel metallicCuff, pastel metallicCork pastel metallicCuff, pastel metallicMetallic pastel metallicCork, pastel metallicChannel pastel metallicCuff\u25a1 pastel metallicLength pastel metallicis pastel metallic6 pastel metallicinches pastel metallicfrom pastel metallicend pastel metallicto pastel metallicend\u25a1 pastel metallicChoose pastel metallicfrom pastel metallic3/4-inch, pastel metallic1-inch pastel metallic& pastel metallic1.5-inch pastel metallicwidths\u25a1 pastel metallicMaterials: pastel metallicPortuguese pastel metallicCork, pastel metallicBrass\u25a1 pastel metallicColor: pastel metallicGilded pastel metallicGold pastel metallicBrass\u25a1 pastel metallicPattern: pastel metallicNatural pastel metallic/ pastel metallicMarbled pastel metallicMetallic pastel metallicGold==============DESCRIPTION==============Flexible pastel metallicbrass pastel metallicchannel pastel metalliccuff pastel metallichandmade pastel metallicwith pastel metallicgenuine pastel metallicPortuguese pastel metalliccork. pastel metallicMade pastel metallicof pastel metallicflexible, pastel metalliclightweight pastel metallictarnish-proof pastel metallicbrass pastel metallic& pastel metallicadjustable pastel metallicto pastel metallicmost pastel metallicwrist pastel metallicsizes. pastel metallicPhotos pastel metallicare pastel metallica pastel metallicclose pastel metallicfacsimile pastel metallicof pastel metallicthe pastel metallicactual pastel metallicbracelet. pastel metallicBe pastel metallicaware pastel metallicthat pastel metallicfabric pastel metallicis pastel metalliccut pastel metallicby pastel metallichand pastel metallicand pastel metallicpatterns pastel metallicon pastel metallicthe pastel metalliccork pastel metallicmay pastel metallicplace pastel metallicslightly pastel metallicdifferent pastel metallicon pastel metalliceach pastel metallicbracelet.Cork pastel metallicis pastel metallicsafely pastel metallicharvested pastel metallicfrom pastel metallicthe pastel metallicbark pastel metallicof pastel metallicstanding pastel metallic\u201ccork pastel metallicoak\u201d pastel metallictrees, pastel metallicmaking pastel metalliccork pastel metallicproducts pastel metallica pastel metalliccruelty-free pastel metallicand pastel metalliceco-friendly pastel metallicchoice. pastel metallicHarvesting pastel metallicis pastel metallicdone pastel metallicevery pastel metallic9 pastel metallicyears, pastel metallicallowing pastel metallicthe pastel metalliccork pastel metallicoak pastel metallictrees pastel metallicample pastel metallictime pastel metallicto pastel metallicrejuvenate.-----------------------------------------Instagram pastel metallic\u25b6\ufe0e pastel [email protected]

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