Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage 1970's MOD Style Setspirit of 76, Redspirit of 76, White & Blue Vintage PATRIOTIC Pin and Earrings Setspirit of 76, Signed JJ 60s/70s Brooch Ers



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From vintagethe vintage1970's vintageor vintagelate vintage60's, vintagethis vintagesigned vintagepatriotic vintagebrooch vintageand vintageearrings vintageset vintageboasts vintagered, vintagewhite vintage& vintageblue vintageenameling vintageone vintagea vintagepretzel vintageknot vintagedesign. vintageThe vintageset vintageis vintagein vintagevery vintagegood vintagecondition vintagewith vintageonly vintageminor vintagewear. vintageIt vintageis vintage2 vintage1/2\u201d vintagewide vintagex vintage1 vintage1/2 vintageinch vintagein vintageheight.Signed vintageon vintagethe vintageback vintageof vintagethe vintagebrooch vintageJJ. vintageThe vintageclasp vintageworks vintagewell vintageand vintagethe vintageearring vintageback vintageclips vintageare vintagetight vintageand vintagesecure.

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