Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

5 bronze settingsvintage style, 25x35 cameo settingvintage style, bronze pendantvintage style, bronze bezelvintage style, bezelvintage style, vintage style settingvintage style, Pendant Trayvintage style, oval setting



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You cameo supplieswill cameo suppliesreceive cameo supplies5 cameo suppliesbronze cameo suppliessettings cameo suppliesthat cameo supplieshave cameo suppliesan cameo suppliesinterior cameo suppliesopening cameo suppliesof cameo supplies25x35mm. cameo supplies cameo suppliescameo cameo suppliessetting, cameo suppliesbronze cameo suppliespendant, cameo suppliesbronze cameo suppliesbezel, cameo suppliesbezel, cameo suppliesvintage cameo suppliesstyle cameo suppliessetting, cameo suppliesPendant cameo suppliesTray, cameo suppliesoval cameo suppliessettingSimple cameo suppliesvintage cameo suppliesstyle cameo suppliespendant cameo suppliestray cameo suppliesin cameo suppliesa cameo suppliessoft cameo suppliesantiqued cameo suppliesbronze cameo suppliesfinish. cameo supplies cameo suppliesThe cameo suppliesinner cameo suppliesdiameter cameo suppliesmeasures cameo supplies35x25mm.Superior cameo suppliesqualityVintage cameo supplieslook cameo suppliesbronze cameo suppliesfinishAttached cameo suppliesbale: cameo supplies cameo suppliesHole cameo suppliesis cameo suppliesapproximately cameo supplies4x6mmSturdy, cameo supplieswill cameo suppliesnot cameo suppliesbend cameo suppliesor cameo supplieswarpMaterial: cameo supplies cameo suppliesZinc cameo suppliesalloy, cameo supplieslead-free cameo suppliesand cameo suppliesnickel-free

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