Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1950's Vintage LEAF Braceletdesigner jewelry, BRASS Finish Design Link Braceletdesigner jewelry, 50s Costume Jewelry



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This designer jewelrybracelet designer jewelrywas designer jewelrymade designer jewelryin designer jewelrythe designer jewelry1950's designer jewelryin designer jewelrya designer jewelryleaf designer jewelrydesign designer jewelrywith designer jewelrya designer jewelrybrushed designer jewelrybrassy designer jewelrymetal. designer jewelryIt designer jewelryis designer jewelrynot designer jewelrysigned designer jewelryto designer jewelryindicate designer jewelryits designer jewelrydesigner. designer jewelryThe designer jewelryclasp designer jewelryis designer jewelrytight designer jewelryand designer jewelrysecure designer jewelryand designer jewelrythe designer jewelrycondition designer jewelryis designer jewelryvery designer jewelrygood! designer jewelryThe designer jewelrybracelet designer jewelrymeasures designer jewelry7 designer jewelry1/2" designer jewelryx designer jewelry1 designer jewelry1/4". designer jewelryA designer jewelrygorgeous designer jewelrylook!

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