Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone, Hematite elasticated bracelet. Antique silver tone and glass beads. Gift for her. Gift for him.



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This stretchyhandcrafted stretchybracelet stretchyis stretchyhand stretchymade stretchywith stretchytop stretchyquality stretchy8mm stretchyHematite stretchyround stretchybeads, stretchyantique stretchysilver stretchytone stretchybeads stretchyand stretchyclear stretchyglass stretchyspacers.The stretchybeads stretchyare stretchythreaded stretchyon stretchyvery stretchystrong stretchyhigh stretchyquality stretchyjewellery stretchyelastic.To stretchyfit stretchy7" stretchyto stretchy8" stretchywristYour stretchybracelet stretchywill stretchybe stretchysent stretchyin stretchytissue stretchyand stretchya stretchygift stretchypouch.

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