Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1960's Vintage TRIFARI Broochbrushed gold, Your Choice of ONEbrushed gold, BRUSHED Goldtone Designbrushed gold, 60s Trifari and Monet Designer Jewelry



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This kitschy jewelrylot kitschy jewelryfeatures kitschy jewelryyour kitschy jewelrychoice kitschy jewelryof kitschy jewelryone kitschy jewelrybrooch kitschy jewelryfor kitschy jewelry$17-$20 kitschy jewelryor kitschy jewelryall kitschy jewelry5 kitschy jewelryfor kitschy jewelry$70! kitschy jewelryThat\u2019s kitschy jewelrya kitschy jewelrydiscount kitschy jewelryof kitschy jewelry$15. kitschy jewelryThere kitschy jewelryare kitschy jewelryfive kitschy jewelryshown, kitschy jewelry3 kitschy jewelryare kitschy jewelryTrifari, kitschy jewelry1 kitschy jewelryis kitschy jewelryMonet kitschy jewelryand kitschy jewelryone kitschy jewelryunsigned, kitschy jewelrythey kitschy jewelryare kitschy jewelrysigned kitschy jewelryon kitschy jewelrythe kitschy jewelryback kitschy jewelryto kitschy jewelryindicate kitschy jewelrydesigner. kitschy jewelryThe kitschy jewelrylargest kitschy jewelrybrooch kitschy jewelryis kitschy jewelrythe kitschy jewelryone kitschy jewelrywith kitschy jewelrythe kitschy jewelrypearl kitschy jewelryin kitschy jewelrythe kitschy jewelrycenter kitschy jewelryand kitschy jewelryit kitschy jewelrymeasures kitschy jewelry2 kitschy jewelry1/4 kitschy jewelryinches kitschy jewelryin kitschy jewelrydiameter.All kitschy jewelryclasps kitschy jewelryare kitschy jewelrytight kitschy jewelryand kitschy jewelrysecure kitschy jewelryand kitschy jewelrythe kitschy jewelrycondition kitschy jewelryis kitschy jewelrygood kitschy jewelryexcept kitschy jewelrythere kitschy jewelryis kitschy jewelrywear kitschy jewelryon kitschy jewelrythe kitschy jewelrypearl.

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