Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ball, Vintage Sterling Silver Four Stone Ring in Matte Finish Green Onyx



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Sara ringJewlery ringDesign ringVintage ringVisions. ringHere ringis ringa ringtiny, ringbeautiful ringsterling ringsilver ringband ringring ringthat ringis ringset ringwith ringfour, ringsmall, ringrectangular ringonyx ringcabochons, ringall ringof ringwhich ringhave ringa ringmatte ringfinish.The ringring ringis ringin ringexquisitely ringgood ringcondition ringfor ringits ringage ringwith ringno ringmajor ringscratching ringor ringout-of-round ringissues. ringThe ringring ringis ringstamped ring"Sterling" ringon ringthe ringinside. ringIt ringreminds ringme ringvery ringmuch ringof ringthe ringdesigns ringone ringsees ringfrom ringTaxco ringalthough ringit ringdoes ringnot ringbear ringthat ringmark. ringIt ringis ringhighly ringdetailed ringfor ringsuch ringa ringsmall ringring ringand ringsomeone ringwith ringthe ringdelicate ringsize ringof ringfour ringfor ringher ringfinger ringis ringgoing ringto ringbe ringvery ringhappy.Sara ringJewelry ringDesign. ringYour ringDesire ringis ringOur ringDesign.

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