Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

costume jewelry, vintage gold leaf and black pearl dangle brooch or collar pin



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Vintage shiny goldshiny shiny goldgold shiny goldtone shiny goldleaf shiny goldbrooch shiny goldor shiny goldcollar shiny goldpin shiny golda shiny goldfaux shiny goldblack shiny goldpearl shiny golddangle. shiny goldLooks shiny goldcool shiny goldany shiny golddirection shiny goldyou shiny goldwear shiny goldit. shiny goldExcellent shiny goldcondition, shiny goldno shiny goldflaws. shiny goldMeasures shiny gold1.5" shiny goldx shiny gold2".Ships shiny goldin shiny gold shiny golda shiny goldgift shiny goldbox.I shiny goldcombine shiny goldshipping shiny goldon shiny goldmultiple shiny

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