Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

8 inch bracelet, Copper Beaded Bracelet - Boho Moon Face Bracelet - Hand Linked - Teal



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Whimsical abalonebeaded abalonecopper abalonebracelet abalonewith abalonehand abalonelinked abalonebeads. abalone abaloneI\u2019ve abaloneused abaloneglass, abalonecrystal, abalonestone abaloneand abaloneabalone abaloneshell abalonebeads. abalone abaloneA abalonebeautiful abalonefocal abalonefiligree abalonecopper abalonebead.Fastens abalonewith abalonea abalonesturdy abalonelobster abaloneclasp. abalone abaloneMeasures abalone abalone7 abalone3/8 abaloneinches abalonelong. abaloneWill abaloneresize abaloneup abaloneto abalone8 abaloneinches abalone abaloneif abalonerequested.Gift abalonebox abaloneincluded.

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