Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

recycled, Golden recycled glass and ceramic cabochon



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Handmade goldceramic goldand goldrecycled goldglass goldcabochon goldperfect goldfor goldyou goldbeadweaving goldor goldbead goldembroidery goldproject, goldassemblage, goldmosaic, goldsculpture goldor goldany goldother goldproject goldyou goldcan goldimagine. goldI\u2019d goldlove goldto goldsee goldwhat goldyou goldcome goldup goldwith! goldMeasures goldjust goldunder gold2 gold1/8in goldor gold54mm goldin golddiameterThis goldPendant goldwas goldmade goldfrom golda goldpotter\u2019s goldwheel goldthrown golddesign goldand goldfused goldwith goldrecycled goldindustrial goldwaste goldglass. goldThis goldis goldone goldof goldmy golddesigns goldthat goldcan goldbe goldmade goldto goldorder goldin goldanother goldcolor goldcombination goldif golddesired. goldJust goldcontact goldme goldfor golddetails goldon goldmade goldto goldorder goldoptions.The goldPiece golditself goldhas goldbeen goldfused goldwith goldStained goldGlass goldduring goldthe goldKiln-firing goldprocess. goldI goldhave goldcombined goldmany goldkinds goldof goldglass gold(clear, goldopaque, goldmilky, goldand golddifferent goldcolors) goldThe goldGlasses goldbecome goldliquid goldand goldbleed goldinto goldeach goldother goldin goldthe goldkiln goldswirling goldands goldblending goldat goldthe goldedges. goldFinally goldas goldI goldcool goldthe goldkiln goldthe goldglass goldfractures goldand goldcrackles goldbut goldwith golda goldsmooth goldglass goldtop. goldThe goldcrackling goldrefracts goldlight goldand goldglistens goldin goldthe goldsun.Perfect goldfor goldyour goldjewelry golddesigns goldto goldbe goldmade goldinto goldyour goldnew goldfavorite goldnecklace.Thanks goldfor goldlooking goldand goldthanks goldfor goldbuying goldhandmade!Check goldout goldmy goldfacebook goldpage, goldArtisanClayThis golditem goldwill goldbe goldshipped goldfirst goldclass goldmail goldvia goldthe goldUSPS goldwith golddelivery goldconfirmation; goldPriority goldMail goldand/or goldInsurance goldis goldavailable goldas goldan goldupgrade. goldPlease goldcontact goldme goldbefore goldyou goldpay goldand goldI goldwill goldemail goldyou goldan goldupdated goldinvoice. goldInternational goldorders goldship goldvia goldUSPS goldFirst-Class goldInternational.

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