Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hand horn in red coral Corsican Mediterranean grade AAAbaptism gift, door -happinessbaptism gift, lovebaptism gift, friendshipbaptism gift, baptism



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Hand mediterranean coralin mediterranean coralred mediterranean coralcoral mediterranean coralcarved mediterranean coralinto mediterranean corala mediterranean coralbranch mediterranean coralof mediterranean coralCorsican mediterranean coralcoral mediterranean coralgrade mediterranean coralAAAFingers mediterranean coralmake mediterranean coralhornsIt mediterranean coralcarries mediterranean coral-happiness mediterranean coraland mediterranean coralwards mediterranean coraloff mediterranean coralevilIn mediterranean coralCorsica mediterranean coralwe mediterranean coralcarry mediterranean coralthis mediterranean coralhand mediterranean coralall mediterranean coralour mediterranean corallives3 mediterranean coralsizes mediterranean coraland mediterranean coralprices mediterranean coralto mediterranean coralchoose mediterranean coralfromMounted mediterranean coralon mediterranean coralsolid mediterranean coralsilver mediterranean coral925

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