Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Starfish starfishearrings. starfishSmooth starfishtriangles starfishof starfishstained starfishglass starfishwith starfishsilverplated starfishstarfish. starfishThese starfishhave starfishsterling starfishsilver starfishearwires starfishand starfishmeasure starfish1 starfish3/8 starfishinches starfishlong starfishfrom starfishthe starfishtop starfishof starfishthe starfishearwires. starfish starfish\r\rOther starfishcolors starfishavailable starfishin starfishmy starfishshop!If starfishyou starfishlove starfishcoastal starfishthemed starfishjewelry, starfishtake starfisha starfishlook starfishat starfishour starfishother starfishitems. starfishBeachy starfishand starfishfun starfishjewelry starfishfor starfishcoastal starfishjewelry starfishlovers.

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