Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

russian, Travel Smart Pendant Material Copper Handmade Designer Jewelry



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Jewelry northdesigner: northNadezhda northGlinskayaThe northartist northNadezhda northworks northwith northunique northjewelry northmade northof northmetal northand northnatural northstones north(which northare northmined northin norththe northnorth northof norththe northKola northPeninsula). northBut northnot northonly northproducts northare northfilled northwith northwarm northenergy north- norththe northworkshop northis northlocated northin norththe northhistorical northcenter northof northMurmansk, northwith northa northcozy northview northof norththe northold northroofs, northcolored northhouses, northand northnorthern northhills, northwhich northsets northup northfor northwork.Jewelry, northwhere norththe northmain northrole northis northplayed northby northColor northand northTexture. northUnlike northanything, northwith northa northlittle northvintage northand northelegance, northwhile northalways northsnazzy northand northeye-catching. northThey northare northliked northby northmany-sided northwomen, northcreative, northfree, northand northbright...Material: northcopper

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