Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Wire Wrap Crescent Moon Pendantlunar jewelry, Crescent Moon Necklacelunar jewelry, Lunar Jewelrylunar jewelry, Astrology Pendantlunar jewelry, Celestial



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"Pale celestial necklaceCherry celestial necklaceBlossom celestial necklaceMoon" celestial necklacefeatures celestial necklacea celestial necklacecherry celestial necklaceblossom celestial necklaceagate celestial necklacecrescent celestial necklacemoon celestial necklacewrapped celestial necklaceand celestial necklacewoven celestial necklacein celestial necklacevintage celestial necklacebronze celestial necklaceparawire celestial necklacewith celestial necklaceamethyst celestial necklaceand celestial necklacecrystal celestial necklaceaccent celestial necklacebeads. celestial necklaceComes celestial necklaceon celestial necklaceeither celestial necklacean celestial necklace18 celestial necklaceinch celestial necklaceor celestial necklace24 celestial necklaceinch celestial necklacechain.

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