Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

colorful glass, signed sterling vintage Coro fly pin . colorful glass rhinestone fly brooch



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Wonderful sterling corovintage sterling coroCoro sterling corofly sterling coropin sterling corosigned sterling coroSterling sterling coroby sterling coroCoro sterling coroon sterling corothe sterling coroback. sterling coroExcellent sterling corocondition, sterling corothough sterling corounder sterling coroa sterling coromagnifying sterling coroglass sterling coroI sterling corocan sterling corosee sterling corosome sterling corovery sterling corotiny sterling coronicks sterling coroto sterling coroone sterling corowing. sterling coroMeasures sterling coro1.25" sterling corotall.Ships sterling coroin sterling coroa sterling corogift sterling corobox.I sterling corocombine sterling coroshipping sterling coroon sterling coromultiple sterling

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