Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage jewelry lot, Lot of 6 MOD Silver Jewelry Pieces / 60s Monet Pendant Necklace / Silvertone Pins and Earrings



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Selling statement necklace6 statement necklacevintage statement necklacepieces statement necklacefor statement necklaceone statement necklaceprice. statement necklaceVery statement necklacelarge statement necklacesilvertone statement necklaceMonet statement necklaceflower statement necklacenecklace statement necklacefrom statement necklacethe statement necklacelate statement necklace60\u2019s statement necklaceor statement necklaceearly statement necklace70's, statement necklacefiligree statement necklacedrop statement necklaceearrings, statement necklacesilvertone statement necklaceleaf statement necklacepins statement necklaceand statement necklaceearrings! statement necklaceThe statement necklacepin statement necklaceand statement necklaceearring statement necklacebacks statement necklacework statement necklacegreat.Please statement necklaceask statement necklacequestions statement necklaceif statement necklaceyou statement necklacewant statement necklacemore statement necklacedetails.

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