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Golden Maple Leaf Earringspatina, Botanical Earringspatina, Double Maple Leaf Earringspatina, Boho Earringspatina, Gilded Leaf Earringspatina, Gift for Her



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Golden dangle earringsMaple dangle earringsLeaf dangle earringsEarrings, dangle earringsBotanical dangle earringsEarrings, dangle earringsDouble dangle earringsMaple dangle earringsLeaf dangle earringsEarrings, dangle earringsBoho dangle earringsEarrings, dangle earringsGilded dangle earringsLeaf dangle earringsEarrings, dangle earringsGift dangle earringsfor dangle earringsHerHandmade dangle earringsdouble-leaf dangle earringsgilded dangle earringsbrass dangle earringsearrings\u25a1 dangle earringsMaterial: dangle earringsGilded dangle earringsBrass\u25a1 dangle earrings2.5 dangle earringsinches dangle earringslong dangle earrings/ dangle earrings1.5 dangle earringsinches dangle earringsat dangle earringswidest dangle earringspoint\u25a1 dangle earrings14K dangle earringsgold dangle earringsplated dangle earringsear dangle earringswires100% dangle earringsUSA-made dangle earringsbrass, dangle earringsnickel dangle earrings& dangle earringslead-free.-----------------------------------------Instagram dangle earrings\u25b6\ufe0e dangle [email protected]

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