Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jasper, Silverleaf Jasper | Jade | Obsidian | Sterling | 17” Necklace | One of a Kind



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This neutral necklacesimple neutral necklaceyet neutral necklacestunning neutral necklacenecklace neutral necklacefeatures:- neutral necklaceSilverleaf neutral necklacejasper neutral necklace neutral necklace neutral necklace neutral necklace neutral necklace neutral necklace- neutral necklacea neutral necklacetype neutral necklaceof neutral necklacedendritic neutral necklacejasper- neutral necklaceTiny neutral necklacejade neutral necklacespacer neutral necklacebeads- neutral necklaceA neutral necklacefew neutral necklaceobsidian neutral necklacebeads neutral necklaceto neutral necklacefinish neutral necklaceoff neutral necklacethe neutral necklacenecklace- neutral necklacesterling neutral necklacesilver neutral necklacelobster neutral necklaceclasp17\u201d neutral necklaceOne neutral necklaceof neutral necklacea neutral necklacekind!

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