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gold ring, Spoon Ring | Antique | Sterling Silver | Sz 6 | c 1910



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An naturalantique naturalsterling naturalsilver naturalring naturalthat naturalhas naturalretained naturalmuch naturalof naturalit\u2019s naturalgoldwash naturalfinish.- naturalPattern: naturalGoldenrod- naturalc natural1910- naturalCharles naturalM naturalRobbins natural- naturalBowl: naturalbackside natural\u201cSt. naturalC. naturalWC. natural91-92\u201d- naturalSz natural6*This naturalspoon naturalis naturalsterling naturalsilver naturalwith naturalgold naturalplate. naturalUsually naturalthe naturalplate naturalcomes naturaloff naturalduring naturalthe naturalvarious naturalprocesses naturalI naturalput naturalthe naturalspoon naturalthrough naturalbut naturalthis naturalseemed naturalto naturalintensify naturalit. naturalIt naturalis naturalonly naturalworn naturalaway naturalon naturala naturalfew naturalof naturalthe naturalflowers. naturalAnd naturalthe naturalonly naturalpart naturalthat naturalwas naturalplated naturalwas naturalflowers naturalas naturalthe naturalrest naturalis naturalsilver. natural(I naturalthink naturalit naturallooks naturallike naturala naturalflower naturalcrown!)- naturalGoldenrod naturalhas naturaltraditionally naturalsymbolized naturalencouragement naturaland naturalgrowth. naturalIt naturalis naturalsaid naturalto naturalbring naturalgood naturalluck naturaland naturalhelp naturalwith naturaldepression.

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