Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

signed vintage JJ frog pin - ribbit babysigned vintage, casual vacation cool guysigned vintage, large pewter Jonette brooch



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Vintage anthropomorphic frogJJ anthropomorphic frogJonette anthropomorphic frogfrog anthropomorphic frogpin anthropomorphic frogwith anthropomorphic frogdangling anthropomorphic frogwords. anthropomorphic frogMeasures anthropomorphic frogjust anthropomorphic frogover anthropomorphic frog3" anthropomorphic frogwide anthropomorphic frogx anthropomorphic frog1.5" anthropomorphic frogtall. anthropomorphic frogExcellent anthropomorphic frogcondition, anthropomorphic frogno anthropomorphic frogflaws. anthropomorphic frogA anthropomorphic froghard anthropomorphic frogto anthropomorphic frogfind anthropomorphic frogJJ anthropomorphic frogpin.Ships anthropomorphic frogin anthropomorphic froga anthropomorphic froggift anthropomorphic frogbox.I anthropomorphic frogcombine anthropomorphic frogshipping anthropomorphic frogon anthropomorphic frogmultiple anthropomorphic

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