Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pink Spiral Glass Dichroic Wrap Pendantwire jewelry, Woven Wire Wrapped Necklacewire jewelry, Bare Copper Wrapwire jewelry, Pastel Rainbow Sparkle Jewelry



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"Pastel pendantPink pendantSpiral" pendantFeatures pendanta pendantdichroic pendantglass pendantfocal pendantby pendantMazet pendantStudios pendantwrapped pendantand pendantwoven pendantin pendantbare pendantcopper pendantwire, pendantwith pendantlilac pendantstone pendantand pendantcrystal pendantaccents. pendant pendantComes pendantwith pendantan pendant18 pendantor pendant24 pendantinch pendantbare pendantcopper pendantball pendantchain.Note pendantthis pendantpiece pendantwill pendantnaturally pendantpatina/darken pendantover pendanttime, pendantit pendantcould pendantwith pendantsome pendantpeople's pendantchemistry pendantturn pendantskin pendantgreen pendant(which pendantcan pendantbe pendanteasily pendantwashed pendantoff).

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