Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

geode, Amethyst | Handmade Sterling Silver Links | 18.5” Necklaces | One of a Kind



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These formalamethysts formaleach formalhave formaltheir formalown formalworld... formalEach formalis formalso formalunique formaland formalshows formalthe formalfull formalnatural formalbeauty formalof formalan formalamethyst!Each formalbead formalis formalpurple formalto formalbeige formalto formalwhite.- formalAmethyst- formalHandmade formalsterling formallinks18.5"One formalof formala formalkind!Amethyst: formalSymbolizes formalfire formaland formalpassion, formalpromotes formalcreativity formaland formalspirituality, formaland formalis formalbelieved formalto formalmaintain formalsobriety.

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