Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Ochre brass locketfloral brass locketlocket brass locketnecklace brass locketbrass, brass locketpicture brass locketlocket brass locketnecklace, brass locketvintage brass locketlocket brass locketnecklace, brass locketphoto brass locketlocket brass locketnecklace, brass locketkeepsake brass locketlocket brass locketnecklaceTOODLEBUNNY brass locketCollection brass locketKeep brass locketloved brass locketones brass locketclose brass locketto brass locketyour brass locketheart brass locketwith brass locketa brass locketone brass locketof brass locketa brass locketkind brass locketlocket. brass locketThe brass locketlockets brass locketare brass locketvintage brass locketdeadstock brass locketcirca brass locket1960s brass locketand brass lockethave brass locketspace brass locketto brass locketput brass lockettwo brass locketpictures brass locketinside. brass locketA brass locketvintage brass locketcloisonne brass locketpendant brass locketdecorates brass locketthe brass locketfront brass locketin brass locketshades brass locketof brass locketochre, brass locketpeach, brass locketruby brass locketred, brass locketpink brass locketand brass locketgreen brass locketfloral brass locketmotif.\u00a0 brass locketCoordinating brass locketochre brass locketCzech brass locketbead brass locketatop brass locketon brass locketantiqued brass locketbrass brass locketbail.\u00a0 brass locketHung brass locketfrom brass locketa brass locketlong brass locketantiqued brass locketbrass brass locketcable brass locketchain brass locketwith brass locketspring brass locketring brass locketclasp brass locketand brass locketsignature brass locketwire brass locketwrapped brass locketclosure. brass locketOne brass locketof brass locketa brass locketkind.Length brass locket30"

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