Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Green green earrings green earringssmooth green earringsstained green earringsglass green earringswith green earringsglass green earringsopal green earrings green earringsand green earringsAustrian green earringscrystal green earringsaccents. green earrings green earringsThese green earringshave green earringssterling green earringssilver green earringsearwires green earringsand green earringsmeasure green earrings1 green earrings1/2 green earringsinches green earringslong green earringsfrom green earringsthe green earringstop green earringsof green earringsthe green earringsearwires. green earrings green earringsMatching green earringsnecklace green earringsalso green earringsavailable.

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