Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

christmas pin brooch, rustic vintage snowman Christmas pin brooch



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Vintage country stylesnowman country stylepin country stylewith country style3 country styledimensional country styledetails, country styleright country styledown country styleto country stylehis country stylecrooked country stylecarrot country stylenose. country styleMade country styleof country stylehard country styleplastic country styleor country styleresin. country styleExcellent country stylecondition, country styleno country styleflaws. country styleMeasures country style2.25" country styletall country stylex country style country stylea country stylelittle country styleover country style1" country stylewide.Ships country stylein country style country stylea country stylegift country stylebox.I country stylecombine country styleshipping country styleon country stylemultiple country

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