Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling ring, Spoon Ring | Antique | April Zodiac | Taurus the Bull | c. 1903 | sz 5 3/4



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Wear antique ringyour antique ringpower antique ringeveryday!Not antique ringonly antique ringdoes antique ringthis antique ringApril antique ringspoon antique ringhave antique ringthe antique ringTaurus antique ringBull antique ringbut antique ringalso antique ringan antique ringinfinity antique ringsign antique ringand antique ringa antique ringsweet antique ringcherub!- antique ringPattern: antique ringZodiac antique ringSeries- antique ringTauras/April antique ring- antique ringc. antique ring1903- antique ringThe antique ringWatson antique ringCo- antique ringSz antique ring5 antique ring3/4Thank antique ringyou!

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