Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

3 vintage wreath brooches - white holly leaves w/ faux pearlsgold tone, gold tone with green & opal glassgold tone, eternity pins



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3 rhinestone broochvintage rhinestone broochwreath rhinestone broochpins. rhinestone broochOne rhinestone broochis rhinestone broochsmall rhinestone broochplain rhinestone broochgold rhinestone broochtone, rhinestone broochmeasuring rhinestone brooch1", rhinestone broochnext rhinestone broochis rhinestone broocha rhinestone broochshiny rhinestone broochgold rhinestone broochtone rhinestone broochwith rhinestone broochopal rhinestone broochlook rhinestone broochcabs, rhinestone broochgreen rhinestone broochcabs rhinestone broochand rhinestone broochclear rhinestone broochrhinestones rhinestone broochmeasuring rhinestone brooch1.5", rhinestone broochlast rhinestone broochbut rhinestone broochnot rhinestone broochleast rhinestone broocha rhinestone broochwhite rhinestone broochholly rhinestone broochwreath rhinestone broochwith rhinestone broochgold rhinestone broochundertones rhinestone broochand rhinestone broochfaux rhinestone broochpearls rhinestone broochmeasuring rhinestone brooch1.5". rhinestone broochAll rhinestone broochexcellent rhinestone broochcondition.Ships rhinestone broochin rhinestone broocha rhinestone broochgift rhinestone broochbox.I rhinestone broochcombine rhinestone broochshipping rhinestone broochon rhinestone broochmultiple rhinestone

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