Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift, Wire wrapped woven antique bronze and copper bracelet



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Handwoven giftwire giftcenterpiece giftfinished giftwith giftcopper giftchain. giftThis giftcenter giftmedallion giftwill giftcause giftthe giftbracelet giftto giftrotate gifton giftthe giftwrist giftif giftclasped giftloose. giftThe giftchain gifton giftthe giftband giftallows giftyou giftto giftuse giftthe giftlobster giftclaw giftclasp giftanywhere gifton giftthe giftbracelet. giftMy giftsuggestion giftis giftto giftclasp giftit gifttighter giftthan giftnormal giftso giftthat giftthe giftmedallion giftstays gifton gifttop.Bracelet" giftmeasures gift7" giftwith gifta gift1" giftextender. giftThis giftlength giftcan giftbe giftcustomized giftto giftyour giftspecifications giftjust giftleave gifta giftnote giftin giftmessage giftto giftseller giftat giftcheckout.

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