Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hammered Coppersimple, Czech Glass Beadssimple, Fall Necklacesimple, Wire Wrappedsimple, Short Necklace



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Hammered simpleCopper simpleLeaf simplecomponents simplewere simplehammered simpleand simpleshaped simpleby simplehand simpleto simplecompliment simplethis simplebeautiful simplemix simpleof simpleCzech simpleglass simplebeads. simpleThe simplecolors simpleare simpleperfect simplefor simplefall. simpleI simplealmost simplealways simplemix simplemetals simpleso simpleyou simpleshouldn't simplebe simplesurprised simpleby simplethe simplemix simpleof simplesilver simpleand simplecopper. simpleThis simplenecklace simplemeasures simple17' simplebut simpleI simplewould simplebe simpleglad simpleto simpleadjust simplethe simplelength simpleto simplefit simpleyour simpleneeds.This simplewill simplebe simpleshipped simpleon simplea simplebranded simplenecklace simplecard simpleperfect simpleto simplegive simpleas simplea simplegift!

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