Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lilly of the valley, Antique Spoon Ring | Lilly Motif | Sterling Silver | c 1902 | Sz 5 3/4



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This may flowersweet may flowerring may flowercan may flowereither may flowerbe may flowera may flowermidi may flowerring, may flowera may flowerpinky may flowerring, may floweror may flowerperfect may flowerfor may flowerthose may flowerwith may flowersmaller may flowerfingers!- may flowerPattern: may flowerLily may flowerof may flowerthe may flowerValley- may flowerc. may flower1902- may flowerMfg: may flowerWatson may flowerCo- may flowerHandle: may flowerInside may flower"Dessie"- may flowerSize may flower5 may flower3/4The may flowerLily may flowerof may flowerthe may flowerValley may flowermeans may flower"return may flowerto may flowerhappiness" may flowerand may flowerusually may flowersymbolizes may flowerhappiness, may flowerluck, may flowerand may flowerhumility. may flowerIt may floweris may floweralso may flowerthe may flowertraditional may flowerflower may flowerfor may flowerthe may flowermonth may flowerof may flowerMay.

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