Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bumble bee brooch: Dinkygold, cute yellow and black enamel and white rhinestone gold plated bumblebee statement pin broochgold, bumble bee brooch



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A goldlovely goldgoldtone gold goldpin goldbrooch goldof golda goldbuzzing goldbumble goldbee goldon golda goldsunflower, goldreally goldunusual goldand goldbeautiful. gold goldInset goldwith goldyellow goldand goldblack goldenamel goldstripes. gold goldThe goldwings goldare goldpicked goldout goldin goldwhite goldprincess-cut goldrhinestones. gold goldA goldlovely golditem, goldcondition goldwise, goldwith goldonly goldvery goldminor goldwear goldand goldtear. gold goldComes goldwith goldthe goldgift goldbox goldpictured.1.6 goldinches goldin golddiameterFREE goldSHIPPING goldto goldmost goldof goldthe goldworld!+\u00a35 goldflat goldshipping goldfee goldto goldUSA, goldNZ goldand goldAustralia(all goldother golddestinations goldfree)UK goldorders goldover gold\u00a310 goldtracked goldas goldstandardInternational goldorders goldover gold\u00a330 goldtracked goldas goldstandardFor goldall goldother goldorders goldadd goldtracking goldfor golda goldflat goldrate goldof gold+\u00a36 goldworldwide

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