Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage blue green ab glass leaf broochcostume jewelry, 60s rhinestone pin



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Vintage rhinestone broochleaf rhinestone broochbrooch rhinestone broochwith rhinestone broochblue rhinestone broochand rhinestone broochgreen rhinestone broochAB rhinestone broochglass rhinestone broochrhinestones. rhinestone broochExcellent rhinestone broochcondition, rhinestone broochno rhinestone broochflaws. rhinestone broochAll rhinestone broochglass rhinestone broochpresent rhinestone broochand rhinestone broochshiny. rhinestone broochMeasures rhinestone brooch2.25" rhinestone broochtall rhinestone broochx rhinestone brooch1.75" rhinestone broochwide.Ships rhinestone broochin rhinestone broocha rhinestone broochgift rhinestone broochbox.I rhinestone broochcombine rhinestone broochshipping rhinestone broochon rhinestone broochmultiple rhinestone

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