Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tube, Vintage 40's 50's Brass Scope Telescoping Cigarette Holder Canister Vial Necklace



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Necklace tubecomprised tubeof tubea tubevintage tubebrass tubecanister tubecontaining tubea tubehidden tubetelescoping tubecigarette tubeholder, tubeperfect tubefor tubecontaining tubeall tubethe tubesecrets, tubestashes, tubeand tubecuriosities tubeyou tubemay tubehave. tubePendant tubehangs tubefrom tubea tube24" tubegold tubeplated tubechain tubeand tubeclasp. tubeVial tubeunscrews tubefrom tubethe tubetop tuberevealing tubea tubehollowed tubeopening tubewhere tubethe tubecigarette tubeholder tubefits. tubeCanister tubemeasures tube1 tube1/4 tubeinches tubelong tubeand tubecigarette tubeholder tubefully tubeextends tubeto tube3 tubeinches tubelong.This tubelittle tubeshow-stopper tubeis tubeultra tubeglamorous tubeand tubeboasts tubethat tubeold tubehollywood tubevibe. tubeNecklace tubedesigned tubeand tubeassembled tubeby tubejewelry tubedesigner, tubeMary tubeAndrews.Thanks tubeso tubemuch tubefor tubetaking tubea tubepeek tubeand tubeplease tubehave tubea tubelook tubearound tubethe tuberest tubeof tubethe tubeshop: tubecontrary..

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