Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

antique jewelry, Georgian Antique French 18k Gold Eglomise Royalist Token Pendant



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Rare gold tokenGeorgian gold tokenFrench gold token18k gold tokengold gold tokeneglomise gold tokenRoyalist gold tokentoken gold tokenpendant, gold tokenhand gold tokenpainted. gold tokenIt gold tokendepicts gold tokena gold tokenbranch gold tokenof gold tokenFleur gold tokende gold tokenLis gold tokensymbolizing gold tokenFrench gold tokenmonarchy, gold token gold tokenand gold tokena gold tokenpansy gold tokensymbolizing gold tokenthe gold tokenSouvenir gold tokenof gold tokenmonarchy gold tokenand gold tokenhope gold tokenof gold tokenits gold tokenreturn. gold tokenA gold tokenroyal gold tokencrown gold tokensurmounted gold tokenthe gold tokenbranch. gold tokenIt gold tokenis gold tokenpainted gold tokenon gold tokenmother gold tokenof gold tokenpearl. gold tokenEarly gold token19th gold tokencentury. gold tokenIt gold tokenhas gold tokenno gold tokenmark, gold tokenit gold tokenhas gold tokenbeen gold tokentested gold tokenas gold token18k gold tokengold.It gold tokenis gold tokenin gold tokengood gold tokenantique gold tokencondition, gold tokenplease gold tokennot gold tokenthe gold tokenbail gold tokenis gold tokenworn gold tokenand gold tokengold gold tokenneeds gold tokento gold tokenbe gold tokenadded gold tokento gold tokenwear gold tokenthe gold tokenpendant gold tokensafely.There gold tokenis gold tokentissue gold tokenon gold tokenthe gold tokenback, gold tokenit gold tokencan gold tokenbe gold tokena gold tokenrelic. gold token20,21 gold tokenmm gold token(0,795 gold tokeninch)Weight gold tokenis gold token3,27 gold tokengrams.Shipping gold tokeninsured gold tokenis gold tokenfree gold tokenworld gold tokenwide.Please gold tokennote gold tokenthat gold tokensome gold tokenStates gold tokenof gold tokenUSA gold tokenhave gold tokenapproximately gold token10 gold token% gold tokenof gold tokengovernmental gold tokentaxes, gold tokenand gold tokenAustralia gold tokentoo.They gold tokenare gold tokennot gold tokenincluded gold tokenin gold tokenmy gold tokenprice, gold tokenEtsy gold tokencollects gold tokenthem gold tokenfor gold tokenthe gold tokengovernment, gold tokenso gold tokenyou gold tokenhave gold tokento gold tokenthink gold tokenabout gold tokenit gold tokenbefore gold tokenbuying. gold tokenFeel gold tokenfree gold tokento gold tokenask gold tokenme gold tokenfor gold tokenany gold tokenquestions gold tokenyou gold tokenmay gold tokenhave.I gold tokentry gold tokento gold tokenmake gold tokenthe gold tokenbest gold tokenprice gold tokenso gold tokenthat gold tokenyou gold tokenare gold tokennot gold tokenaffected gold tokenby gold tokenthis gold tokentax.

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