Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage rhinestone necklace and earrings set . clear & blue glasssmokey blue, prong setsmokey blue, pierced earrings



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Beautiful prong setrhinestone prong setnecklace prong setand prong setearring prong setset prong setcomprised prong setof prong setclear prong setand prong setsmoky prong setblue prong setglass prong setstones, prong setall prong setprong prong setset. prong setAll prong setstones prong setare prong setclear prong setand prong setpresent. prong setBoth prong setpieces prong setsparkle prong setbrightly, prong setthough prong setI prong sethave prong setnot prong setcleaned prong setthem. prong setThe prong setnecklace prong setmeasures prong set15" prong setlong prong setand prong setcloses prong setwith prong seta prong setfold prong setover prong setclasp. prong setThe prong setteardrop prong setshaped prong setpierced prong setearrings prong setare prong set3/4" prong setlong. prong setOne prong setearring prong sethas prong seta prong setmismatched prong setbacking, prong setbut prong setthere prong setare prong setno prong setflaws prong setto prong setthis prong setset.Ships prong setin prong seta prong setgift prong setbox.Vintage prong setjewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?

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