Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

christmas angel pin, vintage Gerrys little angel Christmas pin brooch with a poinsettia flower



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Vintage shiny goldGerrys shiny goldlittle shiny goldangel shiny goldChristmas shiny goldpin shiny goldbrooch shiny goldwith shiny golda shiny goldpoinsettia shiny goldflower. shiny goldThe shiny goldangel shiny goldhas shiny goldclear shiny goldrhinestone shiny goldeyes. shiny goldSigned shiny goldon shiny goldthe shiny goldback shiny goldthough shiny goldit shiny goldhard shiny goldto shiny goldread. shiny goldExcellent shiny goldcondition, shiny goldno shiny goldflaws. shiny goldMeasures shiny gold1.5" shiny goldtall shiny goldx shiny gold1" shiny goldwide.Ships shiny goldin shiny golda shiny goldgifr shiny goldbox.I shiny goldcombine shiny goldshipping shiny goldon shiny goldmultiple shiny

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