Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage teacher necklaceteacher gift, painted heart #1 teacher plus 2 apple pins



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An teacher necklaceoversized teacher necklacewooden teacher necklaceheart teacher necklacehas teacher necklacebeen teacher necklacepainted teacher necklacechalkboard teacher necklaceblack teacher necklaceand teacher necklacereads teacher necklace#1 teacher necklaceteacher. teacher necklaceThe teacher necklaceheart teacher necklacependant teacher necklacemeasures teacher necklace2.5" teacher necklacewide, teacher necklace2.25" teacher necklacetall teacher necklaceand teacher necklacehangs teacher necklacefrom teacher necklacea teacher necklace26" teacher necklacecord. teacher necklaceOne teacher necklacepin teacher necklaceis teacher necklace1/2" teacher necklacetall, teacher necklacethe teacher necklaceother teacher necklaceis teacher necklace1".Ships teacher necklacein teacher necklacea teacher necklacegift teacher necklacebox.I teacher necklacecombine teacher necklaceshipping teacher necklaceon teacher necklacemultiple teacher necklaceitems.Vintage teacher necklacejewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?

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