Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

girls, Skull with eyepatch - Pirate - Earrings - Lamp work



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Super womencute womenskull womenwith womeneyepatch/ womenpirate women womenearrings women- womenThese womenskull womenwith womeneyepatch womenearrings womenare womengreat womenteacher womengifts, womenlovers womenof womenall womenthings womenHalloween, womenand womenpeople womenwho womenlove womenskulls! womenThese womenearring womentogether womenway women.2 womenoz womenso womenthey womenare womennot womentoo womenheavy womenfor womenthose womenwith womensensitive womenears. womenThey womenare womenalso womenmade womenwith womensurgical womensteel.

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