Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large 1930s vintage celluloid twist broochcelluloid brooch, green and custard yellow extruded pretzel braid pin



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Cool extruded celluloid1930s extruded celluloidbrooch extruded celluloidmade extruded celluloidof extruded celluloidtwisted, extruded celluloidextruded extruded celluloidcelluloid extruded celluloidin extruded celluloid2 extruded celluloiddifferent extruded celluloidcolors- extruded celluloidcustard extruded celluloidyellow extruded celluloidand extruded celluloidlight extruded celluloidgreen. extruded celluloidThe extruded celluloidpin extruded celluloidis extruded celluloidin extruded celluloidexcellent extruded celluloidcondition. extruded celluloidHas extruded celluloida extruded celluloidbit extruded celluloidof extruded celluloidpatina extruded celluloidto extruded celluloidthe extruded celluloidhardware extruded celluloidon extruded celluloidback extruded celluloidbut extruded celluloidnothing extruded celluloidthat extruded celluloideffects extruded celluloidfunctionality extruded celluloidand extruded celluloidnothing extruded celluloidthat extruded celluloidcan extruded celluloidbe extruded celluloidseen extruded celluloidwhen extruded celluloidworn. extruded celluloidMeasures extruded celluloid3" extruded celluloidx extruded celluloid1.75".Ships extruded celluloidin extruded celluloida extruded celluloidgift extruded celluloidbox.I extruded celluloidcombine extruded celluloidshipping extruded celluloidon extruded celluloidmultiple extruded

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