Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Flower Pinfabric floral brooch, Layered Fabric Flower Broochfabric floral brooch, Boho Floral Pinfabric floral brooch, Beaded Floral Accessory ~ Moroccan Moon in Navy and Gray



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Shades flower broochof flower broochmidnight flower broochnavy, flower broochdusty flower broochteal flower broochand flower broochmoonlit flower broochsilver, flower broochlayered flower broochtogether flower broochinto flower broocha flower broochlush flower broochfloral flower broochaccessory. flower brooch flower broochComposed flower broochof flower broocha flower broochm\u00e9lange flower broochof flower broochsatin flower broochand flower broochchiffon flower broochfabrics flower broochand flower broochtatters flower broochof flower broochhand-dyed flower broochlace, flower broochwith flower broocha flower broochshimmering, flower broochhandstitched flower broochfaux-druzy flower broochand flower broochcrystal flower broochcenter.~~~<<\u2734>>~~~Measures flower broochabout flower brooch3 flower brooch3/4 flower broochinches flower brooch(10 flower broochcm) flower broochin flower broochdiameter, flower broochwith flower broocha flower brooch1 flower brooch1/4" flower brooch(3.1 flower broochcm) flower broochsilvertone flower broochpinback.~Completed flower broochand flower broochready flower broochfor flower broochshipping~~~~<<\u2734>>~~~To flower broochgo flower broochback flower broochto flower broochViridian's flower broochhomepage, flower broochclick flower broochhere:https://www./shop/Viridian

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